There are many ways that you can make a big impact.

Every Donation Helps An Afghan Refugee Family

So far, Amshera has been able to help over 70 Afghan refugee families that have been resettled here in Fort Worth. From financial assistance to providing basic necessities, and even providing washer/dryer machines, we have already been able to make a huge impact. Our love for helping doesn’t know any limits, and our mission has grown exponentially within just one year.

Now you can join us on our mission to help these families. Every donation that you make, whether monetary, items, or even your time, goes towards providing these families with the everyday things that they need.

Amshera is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, meaning that your donations are tax deductible.

Below you will find information about how you can donate and the various items that are in dire need by these families. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions about donations.

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Where does my money go?

Your generous donations go towards ensuring that the needs of families are met. We use every penny donated to help buy things like groceries, clothing, and even appliances.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept many of the most popular and common payment methods right here on our website. You can use debit or credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Square, and more. Plus, we utilize a third-party service to process all payments so your financial information isn’t stored.

Can I make a cash donation?

Absolutely! If you’d like to make a cash or offline donation, please contact us so that we can get that setup.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. Amshera is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has received IRS approval. Make sure to keep a copy of all receipts for any donations you make.

What kind of appliances can I donate?

We accept a wide range of appliances both big and small. Although it is a charitable donation, we won’t be accepting appliances that don’t function or that are excessively dirty. Here are just some of the most common appliances that we have been able to provide:

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Sewing machines
  • Microwaves
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Fans
  • And more

If you have any appliances that you would like to donate, please contact us so that we can make arrangements with you. You will receive a donation receipt for any appliance that you donate.

Conservative Clothing

Afghan culture is very conservative, so please keep this in mind when you consider making a clothing donation. Some items that we can’t accept include shorts, tank tops, swimwear, and costumes. If clothing is damaged or stained, we likely will not be able to accept it.

A good rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn’t give it to a friend as a gift, it may not be acceptable to donate. To help you figure out what to donate, simply contact us and we’ll walk you through it.

Can I donate electronic devices?

Yes, but the devices that we can take are limited. The most common devices to donate would be televisions and antennas, laptops, or tablets. However, keep in mind that some devices may be difficult for these families to use because of a language barrier.

If you are going to donate an electronic device like a laptop or tablet, ensure that the device is reset to its factory default. This prevents an accidental exchange of any personal information that may have been left on the device.

What types of furniture can I donate?

We will accept nearly every kind of furniture! Many of these families came to the United States with very little and every piece of furniture helps to make them feel more at home. Just like with clothing, we will only accept furniture that is in good repair. Here are some of the items that the Afghan families are in most need of:

  • Dining table and chairs
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Bedding, blankets, pillows, etc
  • Couches
  • And more

How do I arrange transportation for the furniture?

To arrange transportation for furniture, please send us an email with pictures of the furniture you’d like to donate. This helps us better determine which family might have the greatest need for that furniture and then we can arrange the transportation with you.

Cookware and Tableware

Perhaps one of the most important category of household items, cookware is very much needed by these families. We are always accepting pots, pans, cooking trays, and other common cookware items. We are also accepting tableware such as plates, bowls, and cutlery.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Other cookware items that are needed are small kitchen appliances. These include blenders/food processors, cooking pots or slow cookers, and more. If you are unsure about any small kitchen appliance you wish to donate, simply reach out to us and we’ll let you know if we can accept it.

Other Household Items

There are numerous other items that fall under the category of household items that we are in desperate need of. We are always accepting cleaning supplies, towels, bathmats, fans, flashlights, organizational storage containers, school supplies, and so much more.


Many of the Afghan families here in Fort Worth have children, so having toys for them would go a really long way to making them more comfortable (and entertained).

Sports Equipment

Have sports equipment that’s collecting dust? We accept those donations, too!

What if the items I want to donate aren’t listed here?

Even if certain items are not listed here, we are most likely accepting them. The best way to find out is to contact us with a list of items that you would like to donate.

Check out just some of the items that we have been able to provide to these wonderful families:


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