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Amshera is a faith-based nonprofit organization assisting Afghan refugee families in Fort Worth.

August 2021 – US Withdraws From Afghanistan

During the days of August 2021, the US was completing its hasty withdrawal from the country of Afghanistan. Hundreds of Afghan families were faced with the decision of leaving their homeland to become refugees in the United States for safety.

Regardless of the reason for someone to leave their country, these families are still having to leave the place that they called home. A place of their culture and upbringing. Their way of life. These families then go to a country they are unfamiliar with that speaks a language that many don’t understand.

Making that transition is difficult. Amshera was created from an abundance of compassion and empathy to help as many Afghan families that have been resettled right here in Fort Worth. Through our faith-based mission and a never-ending love to show compassion, we can make a huge impact today that will have an effect on generations to come.

Walking Alongside Those In Need

We began as a solo operation helping a handful of families.

Now we are a small group helping over 155 families, and we can’t do it alone. We are making it easier than ever for anyone to help us in our mission.


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Change a life today

Every little bit helps us provide much needed assistance to Afghan refugee families in Fort Worth, Texas. Your generous donations are always put towards helping the families that we work with, and we can’t thank you enough for your support.