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There Are Many Ways To Help Afghan Refugee Families In Fort Worth, TX

While many families escaped Afghanistan for a better life here in the United States, there are still many obstacles to overcome. While we have been able to provide vital support to over 70 refugee families, we can’t do it without your generosity. There are countless ways that you can lend a hand to help these families; from a small monetary donation to becoming a mentor for a family, there is a way to help for everyone.


Many of the refugee families from Afghanistan came to the United States with little to no basic necessities. Your donations go towards making sure they have what they need so that they can live a comfortable life.

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With over 70 families to help, it can take up a lot of time. By lending your time, you can help us to ensure that more families are assisted in a timely manner so that they can get the services that they need.

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Make a big impact by becoming a much-needed mentor for Afghan refugee families. Assist with learning English, accessing ESL services, obtaining healthcare, gaining employment, and more.

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Texans Uniting To Assist Afghan Refugees

There are many organizations dedicated to helping all kinds of refugees that are resettled here in Texas. We are a State known for giving warm welcomes and for being hospital, so let’s band together to prove it. These families need our help. Everything is bigger in Texas, including our hearts!


Of all refugees in 2020 were resettled in the state of Texas (top 5).


Afghan refugees resettled in Dallas and Fort Worth since the US withdrawal.


Afghan families assisted by Amshera so far.

Starting Over

For many, if not all, Afghan refugee families, they are starting over. They have fled their home country, a place that is familiar to them, and often arrive in the United States with little to no personal belongings. Amshera helps these families by providing them with basic necessities while they acclimate to living in a new, foreign country. From basic toiletries to clothes and even small appliances, we are providing these families with what they need at no cost to them.

The Language Barrier

The vast majority of Afghan refugees coming to Texas don’t speak English. This makes everything from basic communication to scheduling healthcare appointments extremely difficult in a country that primarily speaks English. Our volunteers and mentors take on the role of advocates for these families and help to ensure that they are able to get appointments scheduled as well as interpreting important mail.

Texan Hospitality

Texas is known for its country hospitality, so let’s show that together. Everything that you donate goes towards helping these families with groceries, household items, transportation, healthcare, employment services, schooling services, and so much more. Amshera needs your generous donations and help to be able to provide more of these vital needs to Afghan refugee families here in Fort Worth.

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